Project Description
TribesPSO is a managed implementation of the Tribes particle swarm optimization technique.

It is designed to be extensible without recompilation to enable testing of variations on the Tribes algorithm.

The project is written in c#

For more information about the underlying algorithm, see 'TRIBES, a Parameter Free Particle Swarm Optimizer' by Maurice Clerc

More Information
Get more information about Tribes particle swarm optimization at or

Additionally, if you have a cool idea for Tribes PSO, let me know via the Discussions tab. I may be able to get you started or even help implement it

Stay Tuned!
As my schedule permits, I will be adding examples to the documentation. I've also got some ideas for new movement strategies that I will roll into the TribesPSO library as time goes on. If you've got a question that you want answered now feel free to start a discussion.

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